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Your message at their fingertips!

Statistics show that unlike other promotional items (pens, mugs etc.) quality emery boards stay with the client. The personal nature of the product allows for your message to stay in front of the client for an longer period of time.  Made with quality materials this product is capable of multi use providing a message that…
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Markets you Might Not Expect!

While some markets for emery boards are easily recognized, there are many other potential customers that you might not expect! For instance trades such as auto machnics, plumbing, and oil and gas can have great success when promoting their message this way.  Uniqueness and lasting message prompt reminders of services, yearly checkups, or promotions.
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Supporting Natural Hygiene

Recent studies show that on average people file and manicure their nails on a regular basis.  Neglected nails are a serious no-no.  Let them go wild and problems build up, from out-of-control cuticles, tears that grow, even the dreaded ugly hangnail.  file once a week to keep nails neat and strong. Manicures are an excellent…
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A great fit for Health and Beauty Industries

Health and Beauty Industries Emery boards are a relevant way in which to promote a message, support a cause, or indicate a business or service in the health and beauty industry.  Health concerns at spas and aesthetician facilities can be addressed and eliminated when using a single file per customer . Not only do our products…
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